Transform Training


“Updated us with more information , very well worth coming.”

“Being taught to read drawing properly and look out for minor details and what may catch you out in the future to be wary of .”

“It has been nice to learn about how CAT& Genny works.  Makes it more easier to understand.”

“Learning how to pursue a data download and how to null out services.”

“Very good trainer , knowledgeable and friendly.”

“Greater understanding of data downloading.”

“Good teaching, straight to the point.”

“How to use a C.A.T and Genny properly from having no previous knowledge.”

“Lots of information, explained really well.”

“Isolating cables by turning GENNY on its side.”

“Learning things which I didn’t know.”

“Understanding how the clean water industry works.”

“Feeling more competent using the cat equipment.”

“Realising that the implementation of manual handling is my responsibility.”

“Great for refreshing your knowledge.”